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In a prospective clinical study including 114 patients with acute necrotizing pancreatitis, but excluding patients with a pancreatic abscess, necrotic material obtained at surgery was tested bacteriologically. Intestinal microorganisms were cultured in 39.4% of the cases. The contamination rate was 23.8% in patients operated on during the first 7 days of(More)
This guideline provides evidence-based key recommendations for diagnosis and therapy of gallstones and upgrades version 2000. It was developed by an interdisciplinary team of gastroenterologists, surgeons, radiologists, geneticists, external comparative quality assurance and patient support groups under the auspices of the German Society for Digestive and(More)
Groin hernia repair is one of the most common surgeries, performed globally in more than 20 million people per year [1, 2]. Historically, the first surgeries for groin hernias were performed by the end of the 16th century [3, 4]. Repairs that involved reduction and resection of the hernial sac and enforcement of the posterior wall of the inguinal canal by(More)
Necrosectomy with postoperative continuous local lavage was performed in a prospective study involving 95 patients with necrotizing pancreatitis. In the same period 567 patients with oedematous-interstitial pancreatitis were treated non-operatively with a hospital mortality rate of 0.7 per cent. In patients with necrotizing pancreatitis the median Ranson(More)
BACKGROUND Laparoscopic transperitoneal hernioplasty (TAPP) repair of inguinal hernias is thought to be a difficult surgical technique with high complication rates. The present study evaluated TAPP based on prospective documentation. METHODS The primary aim of the study was analysis of the individual learning curve, comparing consultants with trainees.(More)
In the last 10 years, there has not been an abdominal surgical procedure that has not been performed by laparoscopic means. The enthusiasm of surgeons active in this field often neglects problems, especially with basic instruments which are important vehicles for the laparoscopic technique. The purpose of this study was to focus on trocar-related problems(More)
BACKGROUND Even though the introduction of endoscopic surgical techniques to inguinal hernia therapy dates back 10 years, only a few data exist concerning the problem of development of a recurrence after endoscopic repair. Similarly there are only anecdotal reports on the feasibility of an endoscopic reintervention for this situation. For the first time we(More)
OBJECTIVE The authors conducted a study of patients who underwent total gastrectomy for gastric malignancy to elucidate contributing factors that lead to successful management of this disease in geriatric patients. SUMMARY BACKGROUND DATA The average mortality rate for patients undergoing stomach surgery due to carcinoma is 7.8% according to the(More)
The role of clinical information and chest film for the discrimination between invasive pulmonary aspergillosis (IPA) and its differential diagnoses in human immunodeficiency virus (HIV) infection was studied. The diagnostic performance of clinical information and chest film alone and in combination was studied for eight internists and eight radiologists(More)
In a prospective clinical-experimental study, 15 consecutive patients with chronic pancreatitis, operated on because of severe pain, were examined for the effects of a duodenum-preserving resection of the pancreas head on endocrine pancreas function. This was done by means of oral and intravenous glucose tolerance testing before the operation, on the 10th(More)