Roland Assam

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The embrace of pervasive devices accounts for the production of a massive amount of location data. While multitudes of algorithms have been used for location clustering, most of them focus on the proximity clustering of locations rather than on their location contexts. In this work, we propose a novel context-based location clustering technique that(More)
Networks entail vulnerable and sensitive information that pose serious privacy threats. In this paper, we introduce, k-core attack, a new attack model which stems from the k-core decomposition principle. K-core attack undermines the privacy of some state-of-the-art techniques. We propose a novel structural anonymization technique called (k, Δ)-Core(More)
Location privacy and security of spatio-temporal data has come under high scrutiny in the past years. This has rekindled enormous research interest. So far, most of the research studies that attempt to address location privacy are based on the <i>k</i>-Anonymity privacy paradigm. In this paper, we propose a novel technique to ensure location privacy in(More)
Freezing of Gait (FOG) in Parkinson's Disease (PD) is a brief episodic impedance of movement that is mostly manifested at the late stages of the PD. Accelerometer sensors are widely utilized to collect dysfunctional movement time series data stemming from patients with PD. In this work, we propose a robust FOG predictive model that employs a combination of(More)