Roland Albrecht

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We report on the coupling of a single nitrogen-vacancy (NV) center in a nanodiamond to a fiber-based microcavity at room temperature. Investigating the very same NV center inside the cavity and in free space allows us to systematically explore a regime of phonon-assisted cavity feeding. Making use of the NV center's strongly broadened emission, we realize a(More)
We demonstrate efficient (>30%) quantum frequency conversion of visible single photons (711 nm) emitted by a quantum dot to a telecom wavelength (1313 nm). Analysis of the first- and second-order coherence before and after wavelength conversion clearly proves that pivotal properties, such as the coherence time and photon antibunching, are fully conserved(More)
The need for inter-hospital transports over long distances aboard air ambulances or airlines has increased in recent years, both in the civil as well as the military sector. More often severely ill intensive care patients with multiple organ failure and appropriate supportive care (e.g. mechanical ventilation, catecholamines, dialysis, cardiac assist(More)
In collaboration with the STScI and with the NICMOS Investigation Definition Team we have been developing software to predict aspects of NICMOS performance and to analyze NICMOS grism data. Quick look analysis software has been developed to extract spectra from NICMOS grism images and matching direct images to support ground testing and in-orbit(More)
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