Roksana Muzyka

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In this study we determined the effects of high levels of fatty acids on recovery of heart function when present either during or after ischemia. Isolated working hearts from 6-wk streptozotocin diabetic and control rats perfused with 11 mM glucose were subjected to 25 min of global ischemia followed by 30 min of aerobic reperfusion. Four groups were(More)
Serum FSH ad LH concentrations after the administration of TRH were measured in 10 men who had pituitary adenomas associated with FSH hypersecretion. Similar measurements were made in 12 men who had pituitary adenomas but no FSH hypersecretion, in 10 age-matched, normal men, and in 5 men who had primary hypergonadism. The mean serum LH concentration in the(More)
The paper presents the results of investigations on resistance structures based on graphite oxide (GRO) and graphene oxide (rGO). The subject matter of the investigations was thaw the sensitivity of the tested structures was affected by hydrogen, nitrogen dioxide and carbon dioxide. The experiments were performed at a temperature range from 30 °C to 150 °C(More)
This paper presents completed research on the purification of undiluted raw water and organic condensates obtained in biomass thermal conversion processes such as gasification, which are rarely addressed in published studies. However, similar studies involving the characterization and purification of aqueous solutions obtained from process gas treatment(More)
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