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We present a rigorous analysis methodology of fundamental to higher order mode converters in step index few mode optical fibers. We demonstrate experimental conversion from a fundamental LP01 mode to the higher order LP11 mode utilizing a multiple mechanical bend mode converter. We perform a quantitative analysis of the measured light intensity, and(More)
We present an evaluation of the parameters involved in designing low-loss right-angle waveguide bends based on a high index contrast materials system. We apply the finite difference time domain method (FDTD) to several two-dimensional bend structures and study the effects of varying the bend geometry. Such a study is relevant for the understanding of bend(More)
High-Z nano materials have been previously shown to increase the amount of dose deposition within the tumour due to an increase in secondary electrons. This study evaluates the effects of high-Z nano materials in combination with protons, and the impact of proton energy, nanoparticle material and concentration. These effects were studied in silico through(More)
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