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BACKGROUND Atrial fibrillation (AF) guidelines recommend that symptom relief be a primary goal in management. However, patient perception of their prevailing rhythm is often inaccurate, complicating symptom-targeted treatment. OBJECTIVE The purpose of this study was to evaluate the accuracy of patient perception of their prevailing rhythm and identify(More)
Obesity is associated with an increased likelihood for the development of atrial fibrillation (AF) and with worsened AF symptom severity. However, other factors that are correlated with obesity may confound or mediate the relation of obesity with AF symptom severity. The purpose of this study was to determine if depression and physical inactivity may(More)
Burn treatment has grown increasingly advanced and technologically capable. Clinicians must take into account, however, multidimensional patient needs that factor into long-term burn recovery. Important psychosocial factors associated with burn care include psychiatric comorbidities, such as anxiety and depression, healthy family relationships, social(More)
Nanotechnology has revolutionized science and consumer products for several decades. Most recently, its applications to the fields of medicine and biology have improved drug delivery, medical diagnostics, and manufacturing. Recent research of this modern technology has demonstrated its potential with novel forms of disease detection and intervention,(More)
Nowadays, operating rooms can be inefficient and overcrowded. Patient data and images are at times not well integrated and displayed in a timely fashion. This lack of coordination may cause further reductions in efficiency, jeopardize patient safety, and increase costs. Fortunately, technology has much to offer the surgical disciplines and the ongoing and(More)
BACKGROUND What do patients want when looking for an aesthetic surgeon? When faced with attributes like reputation, years in practice, testimonials, photos, and pricing, which is more valuable? Moreover, are attributes procedure-specific? Currently, inadequate evidence exists on which attributes are most important to patients, and to our knowledge, none on(More)
Although acute acalculous cholecystitis is uncommon in burn patients, this condition can be rapidly fatal due to delays in diagnosis and treatment and should always be considered in the differential diagnosis when burn patients become septic, develop abdominal pain, or have hemodynamic instability. This article reviews the use of percutaneous(More)
Mentoring serves a critical and necessary role not only in the advancement of plastic surgery, but also in maintaining the health of our specialty. In addition to providing a driving force for innovation--which remains the core competency of plastic surgery--mentoring is a powerful, educational tool that helps us teach the critical skills of communication(More)
METHODS: Patients undergoing abdominoplasty or panniculectomy were identified from the NSQIP databases for 2012–2013. The primary outcome was need for secondary clinical intervention, defined as unplanned readmission or reoperation. Patient comorbidities and operative characteristics were correlated with complication risk. A step-wise multivariate logistic(More)
This article reviews a single burn center experience with life-threatening skin disorders, over a 10-year period. It explores the incidence of health care-associated infections and the impact on length of stay, hospital charges, and mortality.
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