Rohyt V. Belani

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The 38C13 murine lymphoma model was used to examine the role T cell activation plays in anti-CD3-based bispecific antibody therapy by comparing two bispecific antibody preparations that vary in their ability to activate T cells. Prior studies demonstrated that lower dose bispecific IgG (BsIgG) induced nonspecific T cell activation in vitro and in vivo,(More)
Conventional computer modeling and simulation have focused on computer objects that represent elements of the real world. In this paper we present a new approach to modeling and simulation in which authors describe the characteristics of the world being simulated without specifying how they are to be represented as computer objects. This approach is enabled(More)
Peritoneal exudate leukocytes from normal and Treponema pallidum-infected rabbits were examined for their chemotactic response to various chemoattractants and treponemal preparations. Leukocytes from normal and infected animals responded well to bacterial and serum-derived chemoattractants. Suspensions of washed Treponema phagedenis biotype Reiter but not(More)
The CTLL-2 bioassay is used frequently to determine interleukin-2 (IL-2) concentrations in experimental samples, including samples that contain reagents which affect the CD28-B7 interaction. We therefore evaluated whether the CD28-B7 pathway plays a role in the growth of CTLL-2 cells. Flow cytometry demonstrated that CTLL-2 cells express both CD28 and B7-1.(More)
The Domain Name System (DNS) is used to map easy to remember hostnames to Internet Protocol (IP) addresses in the Internet. When a user enters a URL in the browser window its cache is first checked for this mapping. If it results in a cache miss the request is passed to the configured local name server (LNS). If the LNS cache, too, cannot resolve the URL it(More)
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