Rohollah Akbari

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Today, many social interactions and services depend on gender. In this paper, we introduce a single image gender classification algorithm using combination of appearance-based and geometric-based features. These include Discrete Cosine Transform (DCT), and Local Binary Pattern (LBP), and geometrical distance feature (GDF). The novel feature, GDF proposed in(More)
One of the main challenges faced by the current face recognition techniques lies in the difficulties of collecting samples. Fewer samples per person mean less laborious effort for collecting them, lower cost for storing and processing them. Unfortunately, many reported face recognition techniques rely heavily on the size and representative of training set,(More)
Abstract So far, several methods have been proposed for gender estimation based on training processes, using several images per person. In this paper, we introduce a new gender estimation method based on single image per person. First, reference images, called general faces, are constructed by averaging male and female images in the dataset respectively.(More)
In this paper we propose a novel approach for vehicle speed estimation based on the motion blur occurring in the image taken by still camera. when the camera shutter remains open for an extended period of time, because of existence relative motion between camera and object, Motion blur is occurred. Blurred image has two different parameters. One of them is(More)
In this paper, we demonstrate that gender estimation technique can increase the accuracy of a face recognition system. If the gender of the input image can be estimated correctly before its recognition and compared only with images of the same sex, errors between males and females during recognition step can be eliminated. Consequently, the accuracy will be(More)
Fingerprint image enhancement is an essential preprocessing step in fingerprint recognition applications. In this paper we introduce an approach that extracts simultaneously orientation and frequency of local ridge in the fingerprint image by Gabor wavelet filter bank and use them in Gabor Filtering of image. Furthermore, we describes a robust approach to(More)
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