Rohit Shukla

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Spodoptera is an important polyphagous agricultural insect pest in the tropical world. The genomic details are limited to understand the pest biology at molecular level. In the present study, we sequenced and assembled the transcriptome from Sf21 cells into a non redundant set of 24,038 contigs of ~ 47.38 Mb in size. A total of 26,390 unigenes were(More)
We used linear vestibular evoked potentials (VsEPs) to characterize peripheral and central vestibular function in birds following embryogenesis at 2G centrifugation or at elevated levels of vibration (+20dB re: background levels). Additionally, we characterized peripheral and central vestibular adaptation to 2G centrifugation in early post-hatch birds.(More)
Short-latency vestibular-evoked potentials to pulsed linear acceleration were characterized in the quail. Responses occurred within 8 ms following the onset of stimuli and were composed of a series of positive and negative peaks. The latencies and amplitudes of the first four peaks were quantitatively characterized. Mean latencies at 1.0 g ms-1 ranged from(More)
The cereal cyst nematode (CCN, Heterodera avenae) is a major pest of wheat (Triticum spp) that reduces crop yields in many countries. Cyst nematodes are obligate sedentary endoparasites that reproduce by amphimixis. Here, we report the first transcriptome analysis of two stages of H. avenae. After sequencing extracted RNA from pre parasitic infective(More)
Brassica juncea var. Varuna is an economically important oilseed crop of family Brassicaceae which is vulnerable to abiotic stresses at specific stages in its life cycle. Till date no attempts have been made to elucidate genome-wide changes in its transcriptome against high temperature or drought stress. To gain global insights into genes, transcription(More)
Advent of Next Generation Sequencing has led to possibilities of de novo transcriptome assembly of organisms without availability of complete genome sequence. Among various sequencing platforms available, Illumina is the most widely used platform based on data quality, quantity and cost. Various de novo transcriptome assemblers are also available today for(More)
We report an unusual robust ferromagnetic order above room temperature upon amorphization of perovskite [YCrO3] in pulsed laser deposited thin films. This is contrary to the usual expected formation of a spin glass magnetic state in the resulting disordered structure. To understand the underlying physics of this phenomenon, we combine advanced spectroscopic(More)
We report composition dependent structure evolution from SrTiO3 to SrFe0.5Ta0.5O3 by powder X-ray and neutron diffraction studies of SrTi1-2xFexTaxO3 (0.00 ≤ × ≤ 0.50) compositions. Structural studies reveal cubic (Pm3m) perovskite-type structure of the parent SrTiO3 for x up to 0.075 and cation disordered orthorhombic (Pbnm) perovskite-type structure for x(More)
We know in an under-damped L-C-R series circuit, current follows a damped sinusoidal waveform. But if a number of sinusoidal waveforms of decreasing time period, generated in an L-C-R circuit, be combined in first quarter cycle of time period, then a quasi-exponential nature of output current waveform can be achieved. In an L-C-R series circuit,(More)