Rohit Sethi

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Hyperlipidemia is increasing prevalent risk factor in children, concomitant with worldwide epidemic of obesity. Lipid disorder can occur either as primary event or secondary to an underlying disease. The primary dyslipidemia are associated with overproductions/or impaired removal of lipoprotein. The latter defect can be induced by an abnormality in either(More)
There are various areas in which Wireless sensor network is used like medical, agriculture, military etc. In the recent years agriculture field suffers with different problems like weather, humidity, crop production. Dynamic power management is one of the main problem in the agriculture area. It is used for the capabilities of low power consumption. The(More)
The energy constraints and dynamic topology of wireless sensor networks generates special requirements in routing protocols. Enhancement in lifetime is one of the main issues in the field of WSN. Some parameters like energy per packet, network lifetime, average energy dissipated, total number of nodes alive, average packet delay, packet delivery ratio, time(More)
Forest fire is defined as a disaster caused by nature that destroy forest areas by means of fire. Threshold method are few algorithms that are used for evaluation of sensed data. The aim of this paper is to survey the false and positive aspects of each method. Future plansis to implement a better algorithm which overcome the shortcomings like accuracy,(More)
A major problem in achieving security goals in application development is the overwhelming amount of security-related information, variety of tools, and numerous security risks and vulnerabilities. Software analysts, developers, and testers are not often able to identify relevant security knowledge. Many security tools focus only on detecting(More)