Rohit Sethi

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The fabrication and operation of a microelectronic conductimetric biosensor is described. The device monitors the change in solution conductance occasioned by the catalytic action of enzymes immobilised over a planar conductance cell comprising serpentined and interdigitated metal conductor tracks. The output of the instrument was linear over a 3 min period(More)
Hyperlipidemia is increasing prevalent risk factor in children, concomitant with worldwide epidemic of obesity. Lipid disorder can occur either as primary event or secondary to an underlying disease. The primary dyslipidemia are associated with overproductions/or impaired removal of lipoprotein. The latter defect can be induced by an abnormality in either(More)
A planar spiral coil has been used to induce hypersonic evanescent waves in a quartz substrate with the unique ability to focus the acoustic wave down onto the chemical recognition layer. These special sensing conditions were achieved by investigating the application of a radio frequency current to a coaxial waveguide and spiral coil, so that wideband(More)
A transducer format that replaces the electrode of an acoustic resonator with a planar spiral coil is used to extract multifrequency spectral information from adsorbed protein films. Both amorphous silica and crystalline piezoelectric resonators are driven to resonance by forces induced across an air gap by magnetic direct generation and piezoelectric(More)
A measurement technique similar to optical absorption spectroscopy but based on evanescent acoustic waves is described in this paper. This format employs a planar spiral coil to vibrate a single crystal of quartz from 6 to 400 MHz, in order to measure multifrequency acoustic spectra. Consistency with the defined Sauerbrey and Kanazawa terms K1 and K2 when(More)