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This paper presents experimental data evaluating the merits of using a fun and engaging therapy protocol over a less engaging one in the context of a low-cost robot/computer motivating rehabilitation system for stroke rehabilitation called TheraDrive. The preliminary results suggest that there is a small advantage of the engaging therapy over the rote(More)
Experimental investigations have been carried out on the reduction of electron contamination of a 6-MV x-ray beam of Clinac model 1800 for square field sizes 5 X 5 to 30 X 30 cm2 in steps of 5 cm and for rectangular field sizes 19 X 7 and 7 X 19 cm2. The electron contamination of both the open beam and the beam with the tray can be effectively reduced by(More)
When real objects are used in therapy their presence affects movement kinematics and hence the trajectories themselves. We examine the effectiveness of a trajectory planning algorithm to model the natural curving wrist movements observed in real life functional tasks. The fifth order minimum jerk model that incorporates curvature is used as a starting point(More)
A study of three 10-MV x-ray clinical accelerators with emphasis on the reduction of electron contamination was conducted. This study, which was performed with different types of trays and filters, suggests that, at 100-cm source-surface distance (SSD), Pb can be used as an effective filter material up to 30 X 30 cm2; however, due to its transparency, a(More)
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