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This paper uses super capacitor as the energy storage device for the DVR to compensate voltage sag, voltage swell and harmonics due to addition of nonlinear load in the distribution line. Based on this topology, DVR consist of super capacitor, z source inverter and injection transformer. Super capacitor produces the necessary dc voltage which is given as(More)
The theory of Rough set is a new mathematical tool to deal with intelligent data mining proposed by Z Pawlak. This paper implements the concept of tolerance relation on incomplete information system using variable precision rough set(VPRS) with flexible classification, which is an extension to the classical rough set theory. Here we have analyzed a cancer(More)
We envision a future where any programmer can automatically generate an embedded device from application code. A future in which a professional embedded engineer can "sketch" out a partial device design and automation can complete it, in which a hobbyist can write a program and, in a matter of days, receive a custom hardware in the mail. Building this(More)
This paper presents a new control technique to meet the grid codes in cascaded multilevel inverters. In this paper a new selective harmonic mitigation (SHM-PWM) technique to produce waveforms with low switching frequency without compromising waveform quality, which is capable of meeting grid codes even under non equal dc link voltages. In this paper by(More)
Public transport especially buses are getting crowded day-by-day due to heavy demand of transport facility. More over the frequency of the buses are unregulated. Either the buses lines up at one time or buses get delayed for a long time. This kind of chaos is mainly due to irregular Planning of bus intervals and not knowing the details of the amount of(More)
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