Rohit Rambani

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BACKGROUND Simulation and surgical training has moved on since its inception during the end of the last century. The trainees are getting more exposed to computers and laboratory training in different subspecialties. More needs to be done in orthopedic simulation in spinal surgery. AIMS To develop a training system for pedicle screw fixation and validate(More)
OBJECTIVE The purpose of this study was to determine the association between time to initial debridement and infection rate in high-energy (grade III) open fractures of tibia. METHODS All patients presenting with open fractures were included in the study. The inclusion criteria were Gustilo III A, B and C open fractures of tibia. Time of injury, time of(More)
BACKGROUND Surgical training has been greatly affected by the challenges of reduced training opportunities, shortened working hours, and financial pressures. There is an increased need for the use of training system in developing psychomotor skills of the surgical trainee. AIMS To develop the training system for fracture fixation and validate its(More)
INTRODUCTION Clavicle fractures accounting for 3 to 5% of all adult fractures are usually treated non-operatively. There is an increasing trend toward their surgical fixation. The aim of our study was to investigate the outcome following titanium elastic stable intramedullary nailing (ESIN) for midshaft non-comminuted clavicle fractures with >20 mm(More)
An increasing number of elderly patients are managed with long-term antiplatelet therapy. Such patients often present with hip fracture requiring surgical intervention and may be at increased risk of perioperative bleeding and complications. The aim of this study was to ascertain whether it is necessary to stop clopidogrel preoperatively to avoid(More)
A case of multiple para-articular calcific masses involving the elbow, hand, back, knee and the feet was encountered. Pathology after surgical excision of all the masses revealed tumoral calcinosis. The unusual feature was the huge size of the lumbar and knee masses, and the distal location of the swellings in the hand and the foot; there was no disturbance(More)
Treating non-union of humerus fracture is a surgical challenge with variable outcome. We report series of 51 adult patients of aseptic non-union of humerus from 1998 to 2010 treated retrograde humeral nail. The mean age of patient was 54 years with 33 females and 18 males. The mean duration of non-union was 8 months. In 48 out of 51 cases (94 %), union was(More)
INTRODUCTION Clavicle fractures can cause pain and functional impairment if not managed appropriately. This article evaluates the prevalence of clavicular fractures, estimates the number of cases requiring operative treatment, evaluates whether removal of implant is a frequent necessity and compares the final functional outcome of the operative and(More)
BACKGROUND sports hernia is a well-recognized cause of groin pain in athletes involved in sports, especially football and rugby. Loss of range of motion of the hip joint is a possible contributory factor to stress across the symphysis pubis leading to the instability. METHODS twenty-five athletes presenting with sports hernia were matched to age, sex,(More)
BACKGROUND Mobile-bearing Total Knee Replacement allows unconstrained axial rotation. Increased articular conformity minimizes polyethylene contact stresses, thereby reducing linear wear and fatigue failure. METHODS We prospectively reviewed a consecutive series of 161 patients with mobile bearing total knee replacements using the PFC Sigma Cruciate(More)