Rohit N. Rao

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Despite the increasing degree of multi-homing, path and data redundancy, and capacity available in the Internet, today's clients experience outage rates of a few percent when accessing Web sites. MONET ("Multi-homed Overlay NETwork), is a new system that improves client availability to Web sites using a combination of link multi-homing and a cooperative(More)
We simulate the pathophysiology of severe burn trauma and burn-induced sepsis, using rat models of experimental burn injury and cecal ligation and puncture (CLP) either individually (singe-hit model) or in combination (double-hit model). The experimental burn injury simulates a systemic but sterile pro-inflammatory response, while the CLP simulates the(More)
This thesis describes the implementation of MultiNAT, an application that attempts to provide the benefits of client multi-homing while requiring minimal client configuration , and the evaluation of a novel link-selection algorithm, called AvMet, that significantly outperforms earlier multi-homing methods. The main motivation behind MultiNAT is the growing(More)
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