Rohit Mishra

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Spoken dialogue interfaces, mostly command-and-control, become more visible in applications where attention needs to be shared with other tasks, such as driving a car. The deployment of the simple dialog systems, instead of more sophisticated ones, is partly because the computing platforms used for such tasks have been less powerful and partly because(More)
This paper describes a data collection process aimed at gathering human-computer dialogs in high-stress or " busy " domains where the user is concentrating on tasks other than the conversation, for example, when driving a car. Designing spoken dialog interfaces for such domains is extremely challenging and the data collected will help us improve the dialog(More)
Spoken dialogue interfaces are gaining increased acceptance in a wide range of applications. Most current examples of such systems, however, rely on using restricted language and scripted dialogue interactions. We argue that speech interfaces in highly stressed or cognitively overloaded domains, i.e. those involving a user concentrating on other tasks, call(More)
We review the utility of centrifugal microfluidic technologies applied to point-of-care diagnosis in extremely under-resourced environments. The various challenges faced in these settings are showcased, using areas in India and Africa as examples. Measures for the ability of integrated devices to effectively address point-of-care challenges are highlighted,(More)
Many epidemiological studies have investigated the relationship between periodontal disease (PD) and cardiovascular disease (CVD), but their results are heterogeneous. This review article is designed to update the potential association, that forms the basis of understanding for a (causal) role for PD to cardiovascular events; as reported by various(More)
A health monitoring approach is investigated for hydrokinetic turbine blade applications. In-service monitoring is critical due to the difficult environment for blade inspection and the cost of inspection downtime. Composite blade designs provide a medium for embedding sensors into the blades for in-situ health monitoring. The major challenge with in-situ(More)
1 Abstract In recent years, an increasing number of new devices have found their way into the cars we drive. Speech-operated devices in particular provide a great service to drivers by minimizing distraction, so that they can keep their hands on the wheel and their eyes on the road. This presentation will demonstrate our latest development of an in-car(More)
Cantilever array-based sensor devices widely utilise the laser-based optical deflection method for measuring static cantilever deflections mostly with home-built devices with individual geometries. In contrast to scanning probe microscopes, cantilever array devices have no additional positioning device like a piezo stage. As the cantilevers are used in more(More)
In this demonstration we present a conversational dialog system for automobile drivers. The system provides a voice-based interface to playing music, finding restaurants, and navigating while driving. The design of the system as well as the new technologies developed will be presented. Our evaluation showed that the system is promising, achieving high task(More)
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