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In this paper we investigate the role of reflection in simulation based learning by manipulating two independent factors that each separately lead to significant learning effects, namely whether students worked alone or in pairs, and what type of support students were provided with. Our finding is that in our simulation based learning task, students learned(More)
In this study, we describe a conversational agent designed to support collaborative learning interactions between pairs of students. We describe a study in which we independently manipulate the social capability and goal alignment of the agent in order to investigate the impact on student learning outcomes and student perceptions. Our results show a(More)
We present the results of a study in which we contrast alternative forms of collaborative learning support in the midst of a collaborative design task in which students negotiate between increasing power and increasing environmental friendliness. Our research question is whether interactive instructional support in collaborative learning environments is(More)
In this paper, we describe an environment for supporting collaborative problem solving that uses dialogue agents both for creating a collaborative attitude between students as well as for offering instruction. We evaluated the effect of the social dialogue agents on student collaboration by contrasting a condition that included the social agents with a(More)
— Tutorial Dialog Systems that employ Conversational Agents to deliver instructional content to learners in one-on-one tutoring settings have been shown to be effective in multiple learning domains by multiple research groups. Our work focuses on extending this successful learning technology to collaborative learning settings involving two or more learners(More)
We describe ConQuest, an open-source, reusable spoken dialog system that provides technical program information during conferences. The system uses a transparent, modular and open infrastructure , and aims to enable applied research in spoken language interfaces. The conference domain is a good platform for applied research since it permits periodical(More)
In this paper we evaluate the instructional effectiveness of tu-torial dialogue agents in an exploratory learning setting. We hypothesize that the creative nature of an exploratory learning environment creates an opportunity for the benefits of tutorial dialogue to be more clearly evidenced than in previously published studies. In a previous study we showed(More)
BACKGROUND/AIMS The benefits of adjuvant chemotherapy for colorectal cancer has been well accepted over the last decade. Published data so far has been focused in the direction of giving the right chemotherapy dose, schedule, and combinations, in order to increase the efficacy and decrease the toxicity. METHODOLOGY Eighty-seven patients with histological(More)
Speech is the most prominent and natural form of communication between humans. Human beings have long been motivated to create computer that can understand and talk like human. When the research tries to develop certain recognition system they require certain previously stored data i. e. database for respective recognition system. There are various speech(More)