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Because it takes time and trust to establish agreement,traditional consensus-based architectural styles cannotsafely accommodate resources that change faster than ittakes to transmit notification of that change, nor resourcesthat must be shared across independent agencies.The alternative is decentralization: permitting independentagencies to make their own(More)
Microformats are a clever adaptation of semantic XHTML that makes it easier to publish, index, and extract semi-structured information such as tags, calendar entries, contact information, and reviews on the Web. This makes it a pragmatic path towards achieving the vision set forth for the Semantic Web.Even though it sidesteps the existing "technology stack"(More)
Clever application of existing XHTML elements and class attributes can make it easier to describe people, places, events, and other semistructured information in human-readable form. In this paper, the author takes a more detailed look at some examples of microformats, the general principles by which they can be constructed, and how a community of users is(More)
In order to support architecture-centric tool integration within the ArchStudio 2.0 Integrated Development Environment (IDE), we adopted Extensible Markup Language (XML) to represent the shared architecture-in-progress. Since ArchStudio is an architectural style-based development environment that incorporates an extensive number of tools, including(More)