Rohit Katiyar

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This paper proposes an auto-configuration mechanism for a newly attached SDN (Software-defined Networking) switch and intermediate switches in an SDN/non-SDN hybrid network. Automation of initial configuration of SDN switches brings the benefit of reducing the installation costs and maintaining the operational consistency in an enterprise network. However,(More)
Today’s commercially available biometric systems show good reliability. However, they generally lack user acceptance. In general, people favour systems with the least amount of interaction. Using gait as a biometric feature would lessen such problems since it requires no subject interaction other than walking by. Consequently, this would increase user(More)
Applications of biometrics system are increasingly day by day as these methods provide more reliable and accurate way of identification and verification. Psychological studies indicate that people have a small but statistically significant ability to recognize the gait of individuals that they know. Gait biometrics is one of the recent biometrics systems(More)
From past few years, Gait based recognition is one of the emerging new biometric identification technology for human identification, surveillance and other security applications. In some previous research articles GEI has been reported as a good feature robust to silhouette errors and image noise, but it ignores some gait motion information. So, this paper(More)
In present scenario biometrics system are getting popular day by day and they are classified based on subject’s cooperation and non-cooperation nature. Gait biometrics is one of the popularly traits used for person identification. The gait biometrics has an edge over the other biometrics traits as it works well even if the subject is not cooperative. The(More)
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