Rohit K. Shukla

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We report an unusual robust ferromagnetic order above room temperature upon amorphization of perovskite [YCrO3] in pulsed laser deposited thin films. This is contrary to the usual expected formation of a spin glass magnetic state in the resulting disordered structure. To understand the underlying physics of this phenomenon, we combine advanced spectroscopic(More)
We report composition dependent structure evolution from SrTiO3 to SrFe0.5Ta0.5O3 by powder X-ray and neutron diffraction studies of SrTi1-2xFexTaxO3 (0.00 ≤ × ≤ 0.50) compositions. Structural studies reveal cubic (Pm3m) perovskite-type structure of the parent SrTiO3 for x up to 0.075 and cation disordered orthorhombic (Pbnm) perovskite-type structure for x(More)
We know in an under-damped L-C-R series circuit, current follows a damped sinusoidal waveform. But if a number of sinusoidal waveforms of decreasing time period, generated in an L-C-R circuit, be combined in first quarter cycle of time period, then a quasi-exponential nature of output current waveform can be achieved. In an L-C-R series circuit,(More)
By the staff of Sponsored by 3 Since 1993 Larta has been the leader in convening technology companies, researchers, and investors. We help our clients access the technology industry through world-class conference and training services, industry research, and capital raising. RESEARCH We have published over 30 research reports and are frequently cited as an(More)
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