Rohit Gadagkar

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Many kinds of microevolutionary studies require data on multiple polymorphisms in multiple populations. Increasingly, and especially for human populations, multiple research groups collect relevant data and those data are dispersed widely in the literature. ALFRED has been designed to hold data from many sources and make them available over the web. Data(More)
In highly functional metadata-driven software, the interrelationships within the metadata become complex, and maintenance becomes challenging. We describe an approach to metadata management that uses a knowledge-base subschema to store centralized information about metadata dependencies and use cases involving specific types of metadata modification. Our(More)
Clinical Study Data Management Systems (CSDMSs) are a class of software that support centralized management of data generated during the conduct of clinical studies. Commercial CSDMSs include Oracle Clinical, ClinTrial and MetaTrial. Such systems, which are typically deployed at an institutional or organizational level, must accommodate diverse types of(More)
Generic clinical study data management systems can record data on an arbitrary number of parameters in an arbitrary number of clinical studies without requiring modification of the database schema. They achieve this by using an Entity-Attribute-Value (EAV) model for clinical data. While very flexible for creating transaction-oriented systems for data entry(More)
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