Rohit Chatterjee

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We report the observation of imaging beyond the diffraction limit due to bound surface states in negative refraction photonic crystals. We achieve an effective negative index figure of merit [-Re(n)/Im(n)] of at least 380, approximately 125x improvement over recent efforts in the near-infrared range, with a 0.4 THz bandwidth. Supported by numerical and(More)
Automated visual tracking of cells from video microscopy has many important biomedical applications. In this paper, we track human monocyte cells in a fluorescent microscopic video using matching and linking of bipartite graphs. Tracking of cells over a pair of frames is modeled as a maximum cardinality minimum weight matching problem for a bipartite graph(More)
Automated visual tracking of cells from video microscopy has many important biomedical applications. In this paper, we model the problem of cell tracking over pairs of video microscopy image frames as a minimum weight matching problem in bipartite graphs. The bipartite matching essentially establishes one-to-one correspondences between the cells in(More)
We examine the cavity resonance tuning of high-Q silicon photonic crystal heterostructures by localized laser-assisted thermal oxidation using a 532 nm continuous wave laser focused to a 2.5 μm radius spot-size. The total shift is consistent with the parabolic rate law. A tuning range of up to 8.7 nm is achieved with ∼ 30 mW laser powers. Over this tuning(More)
Near-infrared Hong-Ou-Mandel quantum interference is observed in silicon nanophotonic directional couplers with raw visibilities on-chip at 90.5%. Spectrally-bright 1557-nm two-photon states are generated in a periodically-poled KTiOPO 4 waveguide chip, serving as the entangled photon source and pumped with a self-injection locked laser, for the photon(More)
We present the first observations of zero-n[over ] band gaps in photonic crystal superlattices consisting of alternating stacks of negative-index photonic crystals and positive-index dielectric materials in the near-infrared range. Guided by ab initio three-dimensional numerical simulations, the fabricated nanostructured superlattices demonstrate the(More)
We demonstrate 10-Gb/s optical data channels through broadband hitless switches, with open eye-diagrams and error-free operation (BERs less than 10-12). Both through-and drop-ports are measured in the hitless operation for transparent chip-scale optical networks. 1. Introduction and hitless switch implementation Silicon photonics has been realized to(More)
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