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Over the last few years, research has continuously shown integration among research fields of Software Engineering and Semantic Technologies when development teams are present at different geographical and virtual locations. Their integration has opened fresh opportunities for development teams to develop software using Semantic Technologies. However, as(More)
In recent years, integration among research field of Software Engineering and Semantic Technologies took place due to the presence of vendors at different geographical and virtual locations. This integration also resulted in various issues and challenges that are still need to be addressed. Issues and challenges, which will keep this collaborated field(More)
In today's era, most of the softwares are developed using Object Oriented Programming languages. Testing is the integral part of development process for ensuring the quality and reliability of the software. However, testing is needed to be measured in some order to really know its effectiveness. For measuring the effectiveness of the testing, testing(More)
Location Based Services (LBS) are services offered by smart phone applications which use device location data to offer the location-related services. Privacy of location information is a major concern in LBS applications. This paper compares the location APIs of iOS with the IETF Geopriv architecture to determine what mechanisms are in place to protect(More)
In contemporary years, integration among research areas of semantic web technologies and software engineering took place due to the reason of developers being present at different virtual, cultural, and geographical locations. Due to this amalgamation, a new collaborated field has emerged known as Semantic Web Enabled Software Engineering. This field(More)
Web and Requirements Engineering have been wellrecognized as two individual active areas of research in the past. Convergence between these two notable areas has been a point-of-discussion in recent years and offers new avenues of research. This paper explores this alliance from two perspectives; firstly, where Requirement Engineering can be viewed as a(More)
Research in recent years has shown integration amongst the prominent & dynamic areas of software engineering and semantic web technologies. Prolifically published studies have explored the advantages of applying semantic web techniques to the field of software engineering. The motivation to further probe opportunities available in this collaborated(More)
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