Rohit Banga

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Community based Question Answering archives have emerged as a very useful resource for instant access to comprehensive information in response to user queries. However, its access remains restricted to internet users. Access to this resource through Short Message Service (SMS) requires that a high precision automatic similar question matching system be(More)
In this paper we present an implementation strategy for an automated system to address the problem of locating a health care provider. The solution that we propose is designed to strengthen and complement the weak health systems existing at the time of this writing. The motivation for solving this problem comes from the absence of an automated service to(More)
The Particle Swarm Optimization (PSO) is a stochastic, population-based algorithm for search and optimization from a multidimensional space. Many engineering design problems in real life have complicated optimization functions, which require massive computational power, to solve in reasonable time when implemented sequentially. Thus, scalable parallel(More)
Dissemination of medical information using mobile phones is still in a nascent stage because of their limited features – lack of penetration of mobile internet, small screen size etc. We present the design of a drug QA system that could be used for providing information about medicines over short message service (SMS). We begin with a survey of the drug(More)
Adding automation to an existing fully functional (manual) system has always been a challenge for engineers. The most common problems may include installation of distribution boards, selection of different hardware for different load ratings, etc. Often, a potential user avoids going for such systems as installations want major modification, are quite(More)
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