Rohit Ahuja

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A galactosyl-naphthyl-imine-based derivative, 1-(beta-D-galactopyranosyl-1'-deoxy-1'-iminomethyl)-2-hydroxynaphthalene (GNI), and a galactosyl-naphthyl-amine-based derivative, 1-(galactopyranosyl-1'-deoxy-1'-aminomethyl)-2-hydroxynaphthalene (GNA), possessing an ONO binding core were studied for their recognition of naturally occurring amino acids using(More)
Trust is an important factor, in the exchange of services among multiple parties for example in cloud environment a large number of users interact in the form of resource provider and resource consumers. The resource consumer requests for computation service from the resource provider which provide service to the resource consumer. In this paper we proposed(More)
The advent of cloud computing motivates business organizations to migrate their complex data management systems from local servers to cloud servers for scalable and durable resources on pay per use basis. Considering enormous users and large amount of documents at cloud servers, there is a requirement of an access control scheme, which supports fine-grained(More)
Nowadays cloud servers become the primary choice to store and share data with multiple recipients. The storage of personal information on cloud servers may result in the exposure of confidential information to unauthorized individuals or organizations. Several solutions employing attribute-based encryption schemes have been proposed for secure sharing of(More)
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