Rohinton J. Morris

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Quantitative assays for measuring the binding of xenogeneic antiserum to dispersed cell suspensions are described. Cells were incubated with unlabeled xenogeneic antiserum and the antibody bound measured indirectly by a second binding step with 125I-labeled anti-immunoglobulin antibody. This indirect radioactive binding assay was calibrated by measuring,(More)
PURPOSE To determine the specificity and prognostic significance of computed tomography (CT) of the chest in pediatric Wilms' tumor. PATIENTS AND METHODS Patients treated for newly diagnosed Wilms' tumor at St Jude Children's Research Hospital between December 1978 and July 1995 were included in the study if an initial chest radiograph and CT were(More)
Cellular topography within the highly polarized surface epithelia can be used to identify the location of the stem cells. In some instances, this can be quite precise and allows the characteristics of stem cells to be studied. Our current knowledge of the stem cell population in murine epidermis and small intestinal crypts is reviewed. In the epidermis, the(More)
The electrical activity of caudate neurones was recorded with intracellular electrodes in halothane anaesthetized cats. Agonists and antagonists of excitatory amino acid receptors were applied by micro-ionophoresis and their effects on membrane- and action potentials and on cortically evoked synaptic potentials evaluated. The agonists, L-aspartate (asp),(More)
Antibodies to parvalbumin label intensely a small number of non-overlapping fibre systems in embryonic rat brain. All are in hindbrain--the oculomotor and trochlear motor fibres, the acoustic and vestibular fibres of the VIIIth nerve, and an unidentified group of fibres which ascend under the dorsal surface in caudal medulla. Of these, the vestibular fibres(More)
The cell surface glycoprotein, Thy-1, is present on Purkinje cells at birth, so allowing Thy-1 immunohistochemistry to demonstrate the final stage of migration and the transition to dendritic growth of these cells. In the most caudal lobule of the cerebellar cortex of the newborn rat, migrating Purkinje cells are found. These have a prominent process (up to(More)
Three approaches were used to demonstrate the presence of Thy-1 antigen on the surface of pluripotent hemopoietic stem cells in the rat. In the first, stem cells from fetal liver, neonatal spleen, and adult bone marrow were prevented from forming hemopoietic colonies in the spleens of irradiated recipients spleen (colony-forming unit assay) by incubation(More)
We have identified some unusually persistent label-retaining cells in the hair follicles of mice, and have investigated their role in hair growth. Three-dimensional reconstruction of dorsal underfur follicles from serial sections made 14 mo after complete labeling of epidermis and hair follicles in neonatal mice disclosed the presence of highly persistent(More)