Rohini S. Hallikar

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This paper presents a noise cancellation technique to remove impulsive noises that commonly corrupt speech signals. A discrete wavelet transform is applied on the corrupted speech signal to obtain the approximation and detail coefficients. Reconstruction is done using only the detail coefficients. A threshold depending on the signal statistics is applied on(More)
Cochlear implant devices are known to exist since a long time. The purpose of the present work is to develop a speech algorithm for obtaining robust speech. In this paper, the technique of cochlear implant is first introduced, followed by discussions of some of the existing techniques available for obtaining speech. The next section introduces a new(More)
This paper gives a performance comparison of turbo method of audio signal enhancement with Dual Resonance Non Linear (DRNL) and Signal Dependent Rank Order Mean(SD-ROM). The salient feature of the work is to explore the usage of turbo method for enhancement of signals like vowels and consonants which was not done earlier for this method. Vowels and(More)
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