Rohan Robertson

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This article reports 4 experiments concerning the effect of repetition on rated truth (the illusorytruth effect). Statements were paired with differentially credible sources (true vs. false). Old trues would be rated true on 2 bases, source recollection and statement familiarity. Oldfalses, however, would be rated false if sources were recollected, leaving(More)
Observations of neutral-current nu interactions on deuterium in the Sudbury Neutrino Observatory are reported. Using the neutral current (NC), elastic scattering, and charged current reactions and assuming the standard 8B shape, the nu(e) component of the 8B solar flux is phis(e) = 1.76(+0.05)(-0.05)(stat)(+0.09)(-0.09)(syst) x 10(6) cm(-2) s(-1) for a(More)
B. Aharmim,5 S.N. Ahmed,11 A.E. Anthony,13 E.W. Beier,10 A. Bellerive,3 M. Bergevin,4 S.D. Biller,9 J. Boger,2, a M.G. Boulay,7 M.G. Bowler,9 T.V. Bullard,15 Y.D. Chan,6 M. Chen,11 X. Chen,6, b B.T. Cleveland,9 G.A. Cox,15 C.A. Currat,6 X. Dai,3, 9 F. Dalnoki-Veress,3 H. Deng,10 P.J. Doe,15 R.S. Dosanjh,3 G. Doucas,9 C.A. Duba,15 F.A. Duncan,11 M.(More)
We report results of air monitoring started due to the recent natural catastrophe on 11 March 2011 in Japan and the severe ensuing damage to the Fukushima Dai-ichi nuclear reactor complex. On 17-18 March 2011, we registered the first arrival of the airborne fission products (131)I, (132)I, (132)Te, (134)Cs, and (137)Cs in Seattle, WA, USA, by identifying(More)
The Sudbury Neutrino Observatory (SNO) has measured day and night solar neutrino energy spectra and rates. For charged current events, assuming an undistorted 8B spectrum, the night minus day rate is 14.0%+/-6.3%(+1.5%)(-1.4%) of the average rate. If the total flux of active neutrinos is additionally constrained to have no asymmetry, the nu(e) asymmetry is(More)
X iv :a st ro -p h/ 98 05 12 1v 2 1 2 M ay 1 99 8 Solar Fusion Cross Sections Eric G. Adelberger Nuclear Physics Laboratory, University of Washington, Seattle, WA 98195 Sam M. Austin Department of Physics and Astronomy and NSCL, Michigan State University, East Lansing, MI 48824 John N. Bahcall School of Natural Sciences, Institute for Advanced Study,(More)
Data from the Sudbury Neutrino Observatory have been used to constrain the lifetime for nucleon decay to "invisible" modes, such as n-->3nu. The analysis was based on a search for gamma rays from the deexcitation of the residual nucleus that would result from the disappearance of either a proton or neutron from 16O. A limit of tau(inv)>2 x 10(29) yr is(More)
With the compelling evidence for massive neutrinos from recent ν-oscillation experiments, one of the most fundamental tasks of particle physics over the next years will be the determination of the absolute mass scale of neutrinos. The absolute value of ν-masses will have crucial implications for cosmology, astrophysics and particle physics. We present the(More)
A claim for evidence of dark matter interactions in the DAMA experiment has been recently reinforced. We employ a new type of germanium detector to conclusively rule out a standard isothermal galactic halo of weakly interacting massive particles as the explanation for the annual modulation effect leading to the claim. Bounds are similarly imposed on a(More)
It has been understood since 1897 that accelerating charges must emit electromagnetic radiation. Although first derived in 1904, cyclotron radiation from a single electron orbiting in a magnetic field has never been observed directly. We demonstrate single-electron detection in a novel radio-frequency spectrometer. The relativistic shift in the cyclotron(More)