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An interprocedural analysis is precise if it is flow sensitive and fully context-sensitive even in the presence of recursion. Many methods of interprocedural analysis sacrifice precision for scalability while some are precise but limited to only a certain class of problems. Soot currently supports interprocedural analysis of Java programs using graph(More)
Most software development tools allow developers to subscribe to notifications about code checked-in by their team members in order to review changes to artifacts that they are responsible for. However, past user studies have indicated that this mechanism is counter-productive, as developers spend a significant amount of effort sifting through such feeds(More)
Open-source software projects are primarily driven by community contribution. However, commit access to such projects' software repositories is often strictly controlled. These projects prefer to solicit external participation in the form of patches or pull requests. In this paper, we analyze a set of 89 top-starred GitHub projects and their forks in(More)
The rapid growth of social platforms such as Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn underscores the need for people to connect to existing and new contacts for recreational and professional purposes. A parallel of this phenomenon exists in the software development arena as well. Open-source code sharing platforms such as GitHub provide the ability to follow people(More)
Traversal is one of the most fundamental operations on data structures, in which an algorithm systematically visits some or all of the data items of a data structure. We propose a dynamic analysis technique, called Travioli, for detecting data-structure traversals. We introduce the concept of acyclic execution contexts, which enables precise detection of(More)
Modern IDEs contain sophisticated components for inferring missing types, correcting bad syntax and completing partial expressions in code, but they are limited to the context that is explicitly defined in a project's configuration. These tools are ill-suited for quick prototyping of incomplete code snippets, such as those found on the Web in Q&A forums(More)
StackOverflow's primary goal is to serve as a platform for users to solicit answers regarding programming questions, though its archives are often used by other users who face similar issues and thus it serves a secondary purpose of documenting common problems. The two driving mechanisms for filtering out low quality posts and highlighting the best answers(More)
A developer's API usage expertise can be estimated by analyzing source code that they have checked-in to a software repository. In prior work we proposed a system for creating a social network of developers centered around the APIs they use in order to recommend people and projects they might be interested in. The implementation of such a system requires(More)
Several news articles in the past year highlighted incidents in which malicious users stole API keys embedded in files hosted on public source code repositories such as GitHub and BitBucket in order to drive their own work-loads for free. While some service providers such as Amazon have started taking steps to actively discover such developer carelessness(More)
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