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The aim of the present study was to analyze the anatomical and morphometric variation in shape, frequency of occurrence, direction, and position of accessory infraorbital foramen (AIOF) in relation to infraorbital foramen (IOF) in cadaveric dry skulls to minimize clinical complications and aid in surgical maneuvering in the maxillofacial region and(More)
Clostridium septicum gas gangrene (myonecrosis) is an acutely painful and rapidly fatal infection occurring in the absence of trauma. Urgent surgery is essential both to control pain and to ensure survival. Most patients who develop this infection have an underlying malignancy and clinicians should be aware of this association. We present a case of bifocal(More)
The knowledge of normal and variant anatomy of the facial nerve is essential for safe surgery of the parotid gland. The location of a parotid mass in relation to the course of the facial nerve determines whether superficial or total parotidectomies should be performed. The variant course of the facial nerve within the parotid may endanger the nerve during(More)
Familiarity with the shape and dimensions of sella turcica is important to recognize and manage pathological conditions of pituitary gland as well as for orthodontic treatment planning. The present study aims to describe the morphology and dimensions of sella turcica from Indian population, using lateral cephalograms to set a reference data for comparison(More)
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