Rohan Grimley

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About 10% of all abdominal aortic aneurysms are characterized by an exuberant inflammatory reaction consisting of a dense white sheath over the aneurysm with peri-aortic fibrosis. The aetiology is unknown. There are characteristic ultrasonic and CT appearances but the condition is usually diagnosed at laparotomy. Surgery is the best treatment, keeping(More)
BACKGROUND AND METHODS Prevalence of benign melanocytic nevi (moles) has been shown to be a major predictor of malignant melanoma. In this study the prevalence of moles in a group of 2140 children, aged 4 to 11 years, was determined. A standard questionnaire was completed by the parents of each child and included information on environmental and life-style(More)
Two hundred and fifty patients were admitted to a prospective randomized trial of single dosage prophylaxis against wound infection after appendicectomy. There were 12 exclusions, 72 patients received placebo, 81 received 600 mg i.m. clindamycin phosphate and 85 received 1 1 g i.m. cefazolin sodium, the agent being given in the anaesthetic room. Clindamycin(More)
Our experience in the surgical management of 115 patients with fistula-in-ano treated over 14 years was reviewed retrospectively. The incidence of previous anorectal infection was 69%. After treatment eight patients (7%) developed a recurrence of the fistula and five (4%) experienced some complication directly resulting from surgical treatment. One patient(More)
A retrospective analysis of 41 patients treated for metastatic inguinal lymph node malignant melanoma is presented: 16 underwent inguinal node excision and 25 ilioinguinal node excision. The two groups were well matched for age, sex and other characteristics. The mean time in hospital (inguinal 20 days, ilioinguinal 18 days) and the complication rates(More)
Corticobasal degeneration and Parkinson's disease are pathologically distinct disorders with unique histological and biochemical features of a tauopathy and a-synucleinopathy respectively. We report the first case of co-occurrence of these pathologies in the same patient. Convergence of such distinctly separate neuropathology in the same brain highlights(More)