Rohan Gandhi

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We present Dionysus, a system for fast, consistent network updates in software-defined networks. Dionysus encodes as a graph the consistency-related dependencies among updates at individual switches, and it then dynamically schedules these updates based on runtime differences in the update speeds of different switches. This dynamic scheduling is the key to(More)
Load balancing is a foundational function of datacenter infrastructures and is critical to the performance of online services hosted in datacenters. As the demand for cloud services grows, expensive and hard-to-scale dedicated hardware load balancers are being replaced with software load balancers that scale using a distributed data plane that runs on(More)
Injection of acid into the gastrocnemius muscle results in a persistent, mechanical hyperalgesia of the hindpaw (Sluka et al., 2001). Here, the ability of neurotrophins to alter the development of this secondary hyperalgesia was assessed using transgenic mice and exogenous neurotrophin administration. Acid-induced hyperalgesia was measured in wild-type and(More)
A primary challenge in exploiting Cognitive Radio Networks (CRNs), known as the rendezvous problem, is for the users to find each other in the dynamic open spectrum. We study blind rendezvous, where users search for each other without any infrastructural aid. Previous work in this area have focused on efficient blind rendezvous algorithms for two users but(More)
While the initial wave of in-memory key-value stores has been optimized for serving relatively fixed content to a very large number of users, an emerging class of enterprise-scale data analytics workloads focuses on capturing, analyzing, and reacting to data in real-time. At the same time, advances in network technologies are shifting the performance(More)
For power, cost, and pricing reasons, datacenters are evolving towards heterogeneous hardware. However, MapReduce implementations, which power a representative class of datacenter applications, were originally designed for homogeneous clusters and performed poorly on heterogeneous clusters. The natural solution, rebalancing load among the reducers running(More)
Cloud scale load balancers, such as Ananta and Duet are critical components of the data center (DC) infrastructure, and are vital to the performance of the hosted online services. In this paper, using traffic traces from a production DC, we show that prior load balancer designs incur substantial overhead in the DC network bandwidth usage, due to the(More)
A primary challenge in multicasting video in a wireless LAN is to deal with the client diversity -- clients may have different channel characteristics and hence receive different numbers of transmissions from the AP. A promising approach to overcome this problem is to combine scalable video coding techniques such as MRC or MDC, which divide a video stream(More)
This paper presents the results of a study conducted on the treatment of combined sewer overflows using ferrate (VI) [Fe (VI)]. At a Fe (VI) dose of 0.24 mg/L, total chemical oxygen demand (TCOD), soluble chemical oxygen demand (SCOD), total biochemical oxygen demand (TBOD5), soluble biochemical oxygen demand (SBOD5), total suspended solids (TSS), volatile(More)