Rohan Fletcher

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3 4 5 6 7 path parameter s The B-spline basis function b&). For example, if i = 5, a plot of b4s) is shown in Fig. 10. The function b6(s) is simply a copy of b5(s) shifted to the right by one interval. Note that for any s, only four of the b, in (Al) will be nonzero. This property allows one to vary the curvature in certain portions of the path, without(More)
In this paper we develop a framework for semi-automated generation of test cases for object oriented programs from formal speci-cations. We use Object-Z as the formal speciication language. We have designed and prototyped a test system called OZTEST. It understands the characteristics of object-oriented speciications including inheritance. OZTEST maps the(More)
The separation of architecture definition language (ADL) and interface definition language (IDL) is widely accepted in the distributed system community. It separates issues of hierarchical composition and configuration from those of services, communication and synchronisation and thus eases reconfiguration without changing the interfaces and implementation(More)
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