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BACKGROUND Dermatological problems are common, but in undergraduate medical courses time for learning dermatology and teaching dermatology is limited. The Delphi technique has been used in other specialties to define undergraduate and postgraduate curricula and to reach consensus on what is important. OBJECTIVES To identify the core dermatological content(More)
IP geolocation plays a critical role in location-aware network services and network security applications. Commercially deployed IP geolocation databases may provide outdated or incorrect location of Internet hosts due to slow record updates and dynamic IP address assignment by the ISPs. Measurement-based IP geolocation is used to provide real time location(More)
Atrial fibrillation, coronary sinus rhythm, and slow atrial flutter developed in a patient with ECG findings of an acute inferior myocardial infarction. Hemodynamic measurements were suggestive of predominantly right ventricular involvement. A gated cardiac blood pool study demonstrated normal right and left ventricular wall motion with an enlarged,(More)
INTRODUCTION A significant number of adolescents suffer extensive and enduring difficulties such as social anxiety, body image dissatisfaction, low self-esteem and bullying as a result of conditions or injuries that affect their appearance (eg, craniofacial and skin conditions, treatment side effects and scarring). Evidence-based psychosocial interventions(More)