Rohan Chabukswar

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—Network security is a major issue affecting SCADA systems designed and deployed in the last decade. Simulation of network attacks on a SCADA system presents certain challenges, since even a simple SCADA system is composed of models in several domains and simulation environments. Here we demonstrate the use of C2WindTunnel to simulate a plant and its(More)
Ensuring security of systems based on supervisory control and data acquisition (SCADA) is a major challenge. In this paper we analyze the effect of integrity attacks on control systems and provide countermeasure capable of exposing such attacks. To validate the results, we apply our findings to an industrial control problem concerning a chemical plant and(More)
dedicated to my family, especially to Mom and Dad for their wisdom and guidance and to Brian my biggest supporter iv Abstract We study a scalable approach to information fusion for large sensor networks. The algorithm , field inversion by consensus and compressed sensing (FICCS), is a distributed method for detection, localization, and estimation of a(More)
  • Research Showcase, Cmu, Jhi-Young Joo, B Eng, M Eng, Hung-Po Rohit Chao +35 others
  • 2015
Well-designed demand response is expected to play a vital role in operating power systems by reducing economic and environmental costs. However, the current system is operated without much information on the benefits of end-users, especially the small ones, who use electricity. This thesis proposes a framework of operating power systems with demand models(More)
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