Rogier van Zijderveld

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Experimental prevention of basal lamina (BL) thickening of retinal capillaries ameliorates early vascular changes caused by diabetes. Connective tissue growth factor (CTGF) is upregulated early in diabetes in the human retina and is a potent inducer of expression of BL components. We hypothesize that CTGF is causally involved in diabetes-induced BL(More)
Atherothrombosis is a multifactorial process, governed by an interaction between the vessel wall, hemodynamic factors and systemic atherothrombotic risk factors. Recent in vitro, human ex vivo and animal studies have implicated the hormone prolactin as an atherothrombotic mediator. To address this issue, we evaluated the anatomy and function of various(More)
PURPOSE Orthogonal polarization spectral (OPS) imaging is an optical imaging technique that uses a handheld microscope and green polarized light to visualize the red blood cells in the microcirculation of organ surfaces. The purpose of this study was to evaluate whether OPS imaging can be used for the functional and morphological evaluation of(More)
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