Rogier P. J. de Kok

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Pixel based analysis deals with the three basic features of a single pixel; Position Size and Value. The important spatial context of the pixel is used in filter operations, where the output value is assigned to the central pixel. In the middle of the 70 th , Landgrebe (1976) tried to register the important spatial context of the pixels (the software ECHO),(More)
A revision of the genus Premna is presented for the Flora Malesiana region. A key, descriptions, notes on ecology, distribution, local uses and names and conservation status are given for all 14 species occurring in the Flora Malesiana area. One new species, Premna clavata de Kok, is described. Four names are lectotypified, one neotypified and 71 names are(More)
A revision of the Peninsular Malaysia species of Cryptocarya (Lauraceae) is presented with a summary of its taxonomic history, keys, full descriptions, distribution maps, conservation assessments, ecological data, ethno-botanical notes and a delineation of its key morphology. Through this analysis 17 distinct species are recognised, two names are(More)
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