Rogerio Rodrigues de Vargas

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Fuzzy C-Means, introduced by Jim Bezdek in 1981 is one of the earliest and most popular fuzzy clustering algorithms. However, in order to improve the hit rate or speed, over the years several modifications have been proposed. Among these we highlight the ckMeans algorithm proposed by us in 2010 which make a change in the way to calculate the center of the(More)
In general, the task of extending functions is not simple. It is necessary, in most cases, to impose some properties to the function and their domain. As, in particular, t-norms, t-conorms and fuzzy negations are functions, it is pertinent to question under what conditions a t-norm (t-conorm and fuzzy negation) can be extended from a sublattice M to a(More)
The Adjusted Rand Index measures the quality of the results of clustering algorithms for data. In this work, a study is shown about the Adjusted Rand Index applied in two algorithms, the Fuzzy C-Means and ckMeans. Experiments are made on the Vowels data base that was previously validated. Results of these algorithms partitions are shown and also the ratio(More)
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