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BACKGROUND Citrus canker is a disease caused by Xantomonas citri subsp.citri (Xac), and has emerged as one of the major threats to the worldwide citrus crop because it affects all commercial citrus varieties, decreases the production and quality of the fruits and can spread rapidly in citrus growing areas. In this work, the first proteome of Xac was(More)
Phenanthroline, a strong iron chelator, prevents both the formation of DNA single-strand breaks and the killing of mouse cells produced by H2O2. These results, taken together with our previous findings, indicate that the DNA damage is produced by hydroxyl radicals formed when H2O2 reacts with chromatin-bound Fe2+ and that this damage is responsible for the(More)
BACKGROUND The journal Impact factor (IF) is generally accepted to be a good measurement of the relevance/quality of articles that a journal publishes. In spite of an, apparently, homogenous peer-review process for a given journal, we hypothesize that the country affiliation of authors from developing Latin American (LA) countries affects the IF of a(More)
Several genome sequencing programs were launched in Brazil by the end of the nineties and the early 2000s.The most important initiatives were supported by the ONSA program (http://watson.fapesp.br/onsa/Genoma3.htm) and aimed at gaining domain in genomic technology and bringing molecular biology to the state of art. Two main sets of data were collected in(More)
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