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The percentage of cells capable of forming colonies of at least a given size has been found to provide a reliable estimate of the remaining doubling potential of several human diploid fibroblast cell lines and for chick embryo fibroblasts. In five independently derived cell lines of human diploid fibroblasts we have found the same linear relationship(More)
At several points during the growth of a clone of human embryonic lung fibroblasts in vitro, 100 to 200 cells were removed at random and the proliferative potential of each cell was determined. At each sample point, a wide variation in remaining population doubling ability was observed among the individual cells and the distributions of doubling potentials(More)
Progress has been made in our understanding of the mechanism by which the binding of vascular endothelial growth factor (VEGF) to cognate receptors induces a range of biological responses, but it is far from complete. Identification of receptor autophosphorylation sites will allow us to determine how activated VEGF receptors are coupled to specific(More)
A 15kDa-protein (HBp15) was purified from mouse submandibular gland and bovine brain by virtue of its heparin-binding property. The amino acid sequences of mouse and bovine HBp15 showed a high degree of homology to a sea urchin protein encoded by gene called "development specific protein 217." Using reverse transcription-polymerase chain reaction methods,(More)
A series of mitotic pairs of cells were isolated and the proliferative potential of each cell determined. Although the proliferative potentials of the two cells of a single pair were similar for most pairs examined, in a significant proportion large differences were observed. These results suggest a strong stochastic component in the somatic inheritance of(More)
The effect of conditioned medium on the growth rate of bovine aorta endothelial cells (CSC311) was examined. Media conditioned by several cell types (both immortal and normal) was found to increase the growth rate of CSC311 cells. The growth rate of CSC311 was increased even when the medium was conditioned by other CSC311 cells. The rate of growth of(More)