Roger Waxler

Jelle Assink1
Kenneth E Gilbert1
Shantharam Dravida1
Carrick L Talmadge1
1Jelle Assink
1Kenneth E Gilbert
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The near-ground behavior of the low-frequency (100 Hz to 500 Hz) sound field in the nocturnal sound duct is studied theoretically and experimentally. In the first few meters of the atmosphere, narrow-band sound fields are found to have a characteristic vertical structure. The sound field is the superposition of a "surface mode," whose magnitude decreases(More)
Acoustic data recorded at 1000 samples per second by two sensor arrays located at ranges of 1-113 km from three tornadoes that occurred on 24 May 2011 in Oklahoma are analyzed. Accurate bearings to the tornadoes have been obtained using beamforming methods applied to the data at infrasonic frequencies. Beamforming was not viable at audio frequencies, but(More)
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