Roger Walker

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This paper summarizes the data on nutrient uptake and soil responses in opentop chambers planted with ponderosa pine (Pinus ponderosa Laws.) treated with both N and CO2. Based upon the literature, we hypothesized that 1) elevated CO2 would cause increased growth and yield of biomass per unit uptake of N even if N is limiting, and 2) elevated CO2 would cause(More)
OBJECTIVES To define relation between mood and concentrations of progesterone and cortisol during perinatal period to test hypothesis that rapid physiological withdrawal of steroid hormones after delivery is associated with depression. DESIGN Prospective study of primiparous women from two weeks before expected date of delivery to 35 days postpartum. (More)
Salivary testosterone (ST) levels were measured in 84 boys aged 7.3-16.2 from the Edinburgh Growth Study. The correlation coefficient between matched plasma/saliva samples was 0.88. Six samples were collected over the course of one day from 0900 to 2100 h each month in the majority of the children for 4 consecutive months. Mean daily ST levels showed a(More)
The incidence of post-natal depression is high, and dramatic changes in steroid hormones and prolactin occur in the post-partum period. In an attempt to correlate these events, 147 mothers, six to eight weeks after delivery of a healthy infant, completed standard psychological tests, including the Edinburgh, Montgomery-Asberg, and Raskin scales. They also(More)
A wildfire burned through a previously sampled research site, allowing pre- and post-burn measurements of the forest floor, soils, and soil leaching near Lake Tahoe, Nevada. Fire and post-fire erosion caused large and statistically significant (P < or = 0.05) losses of C, N, P, S, Ca, and Mg from the forest floor. There were no statistically significant(More)
Mercury (Hg) concentration, reservoir mass, and Hg reservoir size were determined for vegetation components, litter, and mineral soil for two Sierran forest sites and one desert sagebrush steppe site. Mercury was found to be held primarily in the mineral soil (maximum depth of 60 to 100 cm), which contained more than 90% of the total ecosystem reservoir.(More)
Monoamine neuroleptics alter rodents responses to immunization, suggesting that norepinephrine (NE) and serotonin (5HT) are neuroimmunomodulatory in these animals. Although endocrine factors participate in their mechanism(s) of action, recent studies suggest that NE and 5HT also interact more directly with immunocompetent cells. This review provides an(More)
Assessment of ovarian activity based on saliva samples has proven particularly useful in studies of women in well-developed countries and is potentially of even greater value in women of lower socioeconomic status in Third World countries. Assay techniques suitable for measuring low concentrations of steroids in saliva have become available only recently,(More)
The purpose of this paper is to describe the effects of CO2 and N treatments on soil pCO2, calculated CO2 efflux, root biomass and soil carbon in open-top chambers planted with Pinus ponderosa seedlings. Based upon the literature, it was hypothesized that both elevated CO2 and N would cause increased root biomass which would in turn cause increases in both(More)