Roger W. Babcock

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Green roofs recover green spaces in urban areas and benefit the public, farmers, and wildlife by providing many environmental, ecological, and economic advantages. Green roofs reduce stormwater runoff, mitigate urban heat island effects, absorb dust and smog, sequester carbon dioxide, produce oxygen, create space for food production, and provide natural(More)
Green roofs can mitigate urban rooftop stormwater runoff. However, the lack of accurate, physically-based performance assessment and design models has hindered their wide application. Most hydrologic or hydraulic models have no direct connection to the physical properties of green roof components such as media type/depth, drainage depth, etc. In an effort(More)
The mass transfer and hydrodynamics of two outdoor tubular photobioreactor designs were compared, a Tredici-design near-horizontal tubular photobioreactor (NHTR) and an enhanced version of this reactor (ENHTR), for the purpose of improving algal growth via improved hydrodynamics. The enhancements included addition of vertical bubble columns at the sparger(More)
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