Roger Vaughan

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BACKGROUND The study of health behavior change, including nutrition and physical activity behaviors, has been rooted in a cognitive-rational paradigm. Change is conceptualized as a linear, deterministic process where individuals weigh pros and cons, and at the point at which the benefits outweigh the cost change occurs. Consistent with this paradigm, the(More)
Introduction How is it possible for a citizen living in one local authority area to receive benefits through another if that is where s/he works? How can it become possible to possess a smart card that can be loaded with all of the transport offerings across a region as well as the membership of libraries, leisure centres and other benefit services? If a(More)
Lightning induced damage is one of the major concerns in aircraft health monitoring. Such short-duration high voltages can cause significant damage to electronic devices. This paper presents a study on the effects of lightning injection on power metal-oxide semiconductor field effect transistors (MOSFETs). This approach consisted of pin-injecting lightning(More)
OBJECTIVE This report provides a snapshot of health behavior and risk in one low-income, urban, Latino community. As part of a community health and education program, 200 adult residents were asked about their health status and behavior and screened for conditions known to constitute significant health risk. DESIGN A random sample of 10 buildings around a(More)
Methods The project used a participatory design approach which involves stakeholders in a particular way with the emphasis on the requirements for prototypes on negotiations between the various parties. A series of design workshops were held to discuss work practices and the nature of the prototype VESCR (three prototypes were produced). Once the(More)
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