Roger Thompson

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This article presents the results of our exploration of the Dewey Decimal Classification (Dewey) as a concept definition source for the Scorpion project. Particularly, we show that Dewey demonstrates a high degree of class integrity and thus is a good knowledge base for an automatic subject assignment tool. With the advent of desktop publishing and the(More)
Despite increased risk of a recurrent stroke following a minor stroke, information is minimal regarding the interaction between injurious mild cerebral ischemic episodes and the possible treatments which might be effective. The aim of the current study was to investigate recurrent ischemic stroke and whether resveratrol, a nutritive polyphenol with(More)
A network organization for implementing a document retrieval system is proposed. This organization has significant advantages in terms of the range of searches that can be used when compared to either inverted or clustered file organizations. Algorithms for generating and maintaining the network are described together with experiments designed to test their(More)
In October of 1999, the Infosec Research Council created a Science and Technology Study Group (ISTSG) focused on malicious code. The purpose of the Malicious Code ISTSG is to develop a national research agenda to address the accelerating threat from malicious code. The study is intended to identify promising new approaches to dealing with the problems posed(More)
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