Roger Taylor

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From fluorination of [60]fullerene with MnF3/K2NiF6 at 480 degrees C we have isolated and characterized by both 19F NMR spectrum and single crystal X-ray analysis, a C1 isomer of C60F36; it has three planar delocalized aromatic rings, three short C=C bonds (due to compression from the adjacent fluorines), the longest FC-CF bond (1.684 A) yet found in a(More)
The main C(1) isomer of C(70)F(38) is shown by single-crystal X-ray analysis to contain four planar aromatic hexagons and four isolated C=C bonds, has two fluorines on the equator, and is related to C(2) C(70)F(38) by means of three 1,3-fluorine shifts. The C(1) and C(2) isomers thus parallel the T and C(3)/C(1) isomers of C(60)F(36) in containing three and(More)