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Sliding mode observers and observability singularity in chaotic synchronization
We present a new secured data transmission based on a chaotic synchronization and observability singularity. For this, we adopt an approach based on an inclusion of the message in the systemExpand
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Quadratic observability normal form
This paper deals with quadratic observability normal form for nonlinear single output system. A linearly observable case is first investigated and after one dimensional linearly unobservable case isExpand
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Abstract In this paper we highlight the difference between observability bifurcation and observing bifurcation. From this, we deduce that one way to improve transmission by synchronization of chaoticExpand
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Experimental impulsive observer with colpitts oscillators
This article aims to experimentally prove the feasibility of an impulsive observer in order to recover the secret information embedded in a hybrid chaotic system. Expand
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A new algorithm for the analysis of strange attractors
This work proposes a new algorithm aiming to locally measure the divergence of initially nearby trajectories. Expand
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Thwarting cryptanalytic attacks based on the correlation function
We propose a numerical method without memory in order to reversibly destroy the shape of the transmitted signal by applying permutations of the weights of its bits to each binary word. Expand
Une approche energetique des bifurcations dans les resonateurs electriques non-lineaires
L'equation de van der pol non-autonome presente de nombreuses bifurcations, fonction de l'amplitude (i#1) et de la frequence d'attaque (f#1). On aborde leur etude avec un oscillateur a diode tunnel.Expand
Observability-singularity manifolds in the context of chaos based cryptography
In the '80s Takens formulated the conditions that ensure the capability to reconstruct the dynamics of a transmitter when an observer receives one scalar output from the transmitter. Expand
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