Roger T. Lewis

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A manifold is a Poincaré duality space without singularities. McCrory obtained a homological criterion of a global nature for deciding if a polyhedral Poincaré duality space is a homology manifold, i.e. if the singularities are homologically inessential. A homeomorphism of manifolds is a degree 1 map without double points. In this paper combinatorially(More)
The ets transcription factor PU.1 is an important regulator of the immunoglobulin heavy chain gene intronic enhancer, or mu enhancer. However, PU.1 is only one component of the large multiprotein complex required for B cell-specific enhancer activation. The transcriptional coactivator HMG-I(Y), a protein demonstrated to physically interact with PU.1,(More)
Extracts of human lymphoblastoid cell lines derived from infectious mononucleosis patients and from normal individuals yielded an antigen, which was immunologically closely related, if not identical, to the soluble (S) antigen present in cell lines derived from Burkitt lymphoma patients. This antigen was found in both the EB virus-positive and EB(More)
Abstract. The main result includes features of a Hardy-type inequality and an inequality of either Sobolev or Gagliardo-Nirenberg type. It is inspired by the method of proof of a recent improved Sobolev inequality derived by M. Ledoux which brings out the connection between Sobolev embeddings and heat kernel bounds. Here Ledoux’s technique is applied to the(More)
[1] J.J. Buckley. Fuzzy Probability and Statistics. Springer, 2006. [2] J.J. Buckley. Fuzzy Statistics. Wu-Nan Books, Taiwan, 2006. Chinese translation of Fuzzy Statistics, Springer, 2004. [3] N. Chernov and R. Markarian. Chaotic billiards. AMS, 2006. [4] Nikolai Chernov, Yulia Karpeshina, Ian W. Knowles, Roger T. Lewis, and Rudi Weikard, editors. Recent(More)