Roger Schnyder

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The PILATUS detector system is widely used for X-ray experiments at third-generation synchrotrons. It is based on a hybrid technology combining a pixelated silicon sensor with a CMOS readout chip. Its single-photon-counting capability ensures precise and noise-free measurements. The counting mechanism introduces a short dead-time after each hit, which(More)
A novel photon counting method for nonparalyzable counting and its implementation in the new PILATUS3 ASIC are presented. Pulse pile-up significantly affects the observed count rate at high photon fluxes in single-photon counting x-ray detectors and can lead to complete paralyzation of the counting circuit. In PILATUS single-photon counting hybrid-pixel(More)
A waveform digitizing system is developed at the Paul Scherrer Institute (PSI) based on the Domino Sampling Chip (DSC), a fast analog memory fabricated in CMOS technology. The principle of operation, the test system and the performance of the chip are described. Sampling frequencies of 1.2 GHz are generated on chip; the analog waveform is stored in 128(More)
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