Roger S. Sharpe

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BACKGROUND  Critical incident analysis reveals that poor performance in 'human-factor' or non-technical skills, such as decision making, leadership, teamwork and situational awareness, are frequently identified as key underlying features leading to adverse events. Simulation technology is a rapidly emerging modality used to develop technical and(More)
This paper describes a series of experiments that tested the ability of the electrical resistivity tomography (ERT) method to locate correctly wet and dry fractures in a meso-scale model. The goal was to develop a method of monitoring the flow of water through a fractured rock matrix. The model was a four by six array of limestone blocks equipped with 28(More)
Concerted national action is needed to meet the growing demand for health care quality information among all health care stakeholders. We propose a coordinated national network of independent, public-private quality measurement alliances established through strong purchaser and consumer leadership at the state, regional, or local levels. These independent(More)
A PREDICTION OF THE ACOUSTICAL OUTPUT OF A GOLF DRIVER HEAD USING FINITE ELEMENTS Roger Sharpe A simulation was created using LS-DYNA® to determine the acoustical properties of a golf ball and golf driver head impact. LS-DYNA® has a coupled finite element analysis (FEA) and boundary element method (BEM) solver that uses the integral form of Helmholtz’s(More)
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