Roger Reinhold

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Military, police, fire brigade and rescue services need to evaluate robots as an aid to remove humans from risk, to perform more efficiently or at lower cost and to enable missions unsuited to humans. The benefits gained by using robots have to be valued against costs for acquisition, integration, training and maintenance as well as mission efficiency and(More)
There are many reports about allergic reactions in association with total hip or knee arthroplasty. While most studies focus on allergic reactions to metallic components, only few reports exist about reactions to bone cement or its ingredients. We report about a patient who developed eczema at the knee and the lower leg one year after cemented TKR. Patch(More)
81 regulated during adverse drug reactions. Such information provides us with a more detailed understanding of the molecular mechanisms underlying toxic effects. Additionally, microarray technology can be used to identify gene expression profiles for new therapeutic compounds, thus providing an early screening method for potential toxic effects. An(More)
In experiments with 19 rabbits the changes in volume and concentration of intravitreously instilled sulfur hexafluoride were investigated under normal air conditions (10 rabbits in group A) and with application of laughing, gas to the inspiration system for 3 hours (9 rabbits in group B). Under normal air conditions the SF6 gas bubble attained its greatest(More)